Remmina RDP not working remote re-install

Remmina RDP not working remote re-install

While working with Remmina you might come across time when you seem to have problems connecting to some host which you could connect successfully till now.

This might provide you with the following error.

Unable to connect to RDP server

There might be number of reasons for this happen. The most common of all is the reinstallation of the remote host.

Just like Secure Shell (SSH), Remmina saves the fingerprints of the remote hosts before it RDP to them. The finger prints are saved locally under ~/.freerdp/known_hosts.

Re-installation of the remote server changes it’s signatures and therefore Remmina no longer trusts the connection and won’t connect.

In order to solve this problem, you need to verify that you are actually connecting to the right host and not some proxy trying to spoof itself.

If the host is correct, then you need to modify the file ~/.freerdp/known_hosts and remove the old fingerprint for the host.

[[email protected] ~]$ vim ~/.freerdp/known_hosts

Save and exit the file.

Now trying connecting to the host again. Accept the new certificate and you should be good to go.

Remmina RDP not working remote re-install

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