SVN Status Cheatsheet

SVN Status Cheatsheet

Working extensively with version control system, specially SVN hsa at times provided some weird status code/messages. There are at times a few status messages which I have to use the man page or search in order to understand their meaning.

The following are a few SVN status cheatsheet which might help understand certain kinds of status messages.

Please note that the status details can be obtained by using the -v flag for svn status.

The following two are important commands which provide some extended information on the svn status.

svn status -v

SVN Status Cheatsheet

First column – file added or changed

	no changes
A	item will be added
C	item has conflicts
D	item will be deleted
E	file existed before the update
M	item has been modified
R	item has been replaced
X	item is present due to an externals definition
I	item is being ignored
?	item is not in repository
!	item is missing
~	item is versioned as one thing but replaced by another / Object type changed

Second column – properties changes to files/folder

Status message meaning

	no changes
C	properties for the item is in conflict with those in repository
M	properties has been modified

Third column – Lock Status

	no locks
L	item is locked

Fourth column – scheduled commit will addition-with-history

	no history scheduled with commit
+	history scheduled with commit

Fifth column – Whether the item is switched or a file external

	item is child of its parent directory
S	item is switched
X	item is a versioned file created by external definition

Sixth column – Repository lock information

This column has two parts.

One without -u

	item is not locked
K	lock token present

Second with -u

	item is not locked
K	item is locked in repository and lock token is present
O	item is locked in repository and lock token in some other working copy
T	item is locked in repository and lock token present but sTolen
B	item was locked in this working copy but the lock is invalid. Item is no longer locked. lock token broken.

Seventh column – tree conflict details

C	tree conflicted

An additional line is present if the item is a tree conflict. This line explains the nature of the conflict.

Ninth column – out-of-date information

This column is displayed only while using the -u flag.

	item is uptodate
*	newer version of item exists on the server.

SVN Status Cheatsheet

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