Solution: SVN Error – Checksum mismatch

Solution: SVN Error – Checksum mismatch

The most common error message after you merge or migrate the SVN repository or any changes in the reference for repository file can cause the Checksum mismatch error for SVN.

The following is the kind of error message you see when you try to commit a file(s).

svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: Checksum mismatch for '/some/repository/path/files/.svn/text-base/my_project_file.svn-base'; expected: 'f2fecasdasc5daacd68bbd36b0a55bb7', actual: '6bdwdwwref6ab9ffa6653cf37faf8828

Solution: SVN Error – Checksum mismatch

If the problem for a single file then it makes sense to remove the file from the repository references using svn remove and add it again using svn add. However if the error is for mutiple files, then the following solution should work.

First of all, checkout the current repository in some temporary location.

I would prefer to save it somewhere under /tmp under some directory.

mkdir /tmp/some_folder

Checkout the repo under this temporary folder.

cd /tmp/some_folder
svn co

Then verify the contents under the .svn/text-base folder, for this temporarily checked out repo.

ls -lah /tmp/some_folder/some_project/.svn/text-base

Now, move the contents of .svn/text-base directory for the current working repository (not the newly checked out one). You can delete the contents, but as a precautionary measure let’s just back them up.

cp -ar /some/repository/path/files/.svn/text-base/* /tmp/text-base/

Now copy the contents of newly checked out repo into the current repo in use.

cp -ar /tmp/some_folder/some_project/.svn/text-base/* /some/repository/path/files/.svn/text-base/

Now try to commit he changes. You should not face any error messages this time.

Solution: SVN Error – Checksum mismatch

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